Saigoneer 2.0

5 years have passed already, and so much has happened in my life since. Since I last left Vietnam behind me. (If you want to read more about my time here, and in Morocco, check out my OLD blog).

I thought we would feel like strangers, shy and awkward, me and Saigon, meeting again. But it all went very smooth, as if nothing had happened, and not much had changed.

The city stays awake from 5am in the morning, and never really goes to sleep. Crossing the street is still a life threatening mission, heavily heart racing. And the people! Just as buff, intimidatingly curious, poker faced… and super friendly and playful.


I arrived Tuesday early evening, and started out by leaving my passport behind in the luggage trolley outside the airport. There’s really something about me forgetting my passport around in this country. (Read about my 72 hour train through the country to get a new passport here.) It didn’t really go as bad this time, and both me and the passport finally got safely to the hotel.

Steve’s been here since January working, and we’ve tried our best to catch up between his shifts. I thought I would be much more lonely and bored coming here, but to be honest, today is Friday, and I haven’t had a quite time to sit down and blog until now!


I’ve spent most of my time going back and forth on Grab motorbikes (Grab is South East Asia’s largest transportation App, and a huge competitor to Uber around here). I’ll write more about Grab later on.

All in all, being back feels awesome, and I’m very happy we decided on this move. And for now, I’ll be enjoying being a tourist for a while, before I’m off to Korea again in June.

Hope you’ll follow me around!


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